On Stage: School of the Arts Director, Jack Zerbe, Returns to Acting

After a 21-year hiatus, Theatre Professor and Director, Jack Zerbe, returned to the stage to resume his acting career in 2018. That year, Professor Zerbe performed in the “Masque of the Read Death” (Tales of Poe at Joslyn Castle) and “South Pacific in Concert” (Music Theatre Wichita and Omaha Symphony at the Holland Center).

In 2019 Zerbe had a role in three performances with Brigit. St. Brigit Theatre: “Incident at Vichy,” “Assassins,” and “Bernhardt/Hamlet.” He also appeared in “Monkey in the Shade” (Great Plains Theatre Conference). He is currently rehearsing for “God on Trial,” which opens in March (Brigit. St. Brigit Theatre).

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